Why another blog about writing and fantasy? After all, dozens already exist – most of them making the same suggestions. Many give the impression that they convey second hand information.

Prentice Pieces means to be different. Its articles are based on what we have learned (and continue to learn) as practicing writers. Whenever possible, our goal is to offer tips that readers have not heard hundreds of times before.

Failing that, at the very least we plan to give some new perspectives on familiar topics. We write from a pro-diversity, leftist, and feminist perspective, and, most of all out of a love of writing and teaching.

Just like our readers, we will learn as we go. At times, we are sure, what we learn will be based on readers’ comments and suggestions.

The Site Name


In past centuries, apprentices who were ready to become journeymen had to prove what they learned. To show their knowledge of their craft, each would produce a prentice piece, a work that showed their knowledge of techniques, and present it to the masters of their guild as proof of their competence.

Like the apprentices of the past, we take an artisan’s approach to writing. Both of us have served lengthy apprenticeships teaching writing and literature, and selling non-fiction. More recently, each of us have turned to fiction, the next stage in our careers. Within a few years, we both hope to have completed our prentice pieces, and presented them as proof of what we have learned. Meanwhile, this blog will show what we have learned along the way.

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